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You can reach us by this page, phone, Mail, email, OR facebook.

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​​ Westminster Presbyterian Church
513 South Bench Street

Galena, IL, United States

P.O. Box 255

Pastor: Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh

Telephone:  +1.815-777-0973

E-mail: ​wupc@att.netor

Facebook: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Galena, IL

Twitter: @chrwestminster

​Publications Coordinator:For bulletin or newsletter information or contributions use the church phone or email to contact our Publications Coordinator at church email address.

Last Updated: October 11  2017, by B. Mellskog

How to Contact Pastor Stacy Cavanaugh: I will be at the church office on Mondays through Thursdays every week.   While I may be in and out for meetings and home visits, I will get any message that comes in at the church (815) 777-0973 anytime from Sunday after church through about 2:45 pm on Thursday afternoons.   If you need to reach me between Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning, please call me at home (815) 776-0263.   There is an answering machine there too, and I will get the message in a more timely matter.   Of course, you are all always welcomed to call me at home for emergencies or pastoral questions at any time.  I check e-mail throughout the day on Sundays through Thursdays.   I do not always check e-mail on Fridays and Saturdays


  • HOSPITAL PASTORAL CARE - If you or a loved one is in the hospital and would like a visit from our pastor, please make sure to let us know. Rev. Cavanaugh make every effort to visit anyone in the hospital within 24 hours of learning of their admittance. Please do not assume that the hospital has called. 
  • MONTHLY COMMUNION TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO RECEIVE IT-  The pastor and the deacons bring monthly communion to ANYONE who wishes to receive it. We make regular stops at the Bell Tower Nursing Home in East Dubuque, The Rose Assisted Living in Dubuque, and Galena Stauss Senior Care Center. WE also stop by individual homes of those who have let the church know that they would like to receive communion. If you are unable to attend church for a time, whether that be for one month or several, and you would like to have communion, please call the Pastor, the church office, or any elder or deacon and ask to be added to the list.
  • VISITATION AND PRAYER LIST- If you would like a visit outside of our monthly communion visits or to be added to the prayer list, again please let the pastor, deacons, or elders know so that we can call you. We make every effort to visit the homebound, but sometimes we do not realize that you are unable to make it to church unless you tell someone.
  • CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER - It is our greatest gift to care for one another. Please help us to care for you and your family by keeping us in the loop.

  • There is a contact form below. 
  • On the right side of this page is information about our address, phone, email, Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a map with our location and with directions to the church.
  • We are easy to find.
  • The church can be seen from the Highway #20 bridge.
  • After you turn off of the highway, go straight until you see Hill St. (the first street to the left).
  • Turn left and go one block up Hill St.
  • Turn left again onto Bench St. Westminster Church is almost at the end of Bench - above the flood gates on Main Street.

  a short distance to Westminster Presbyterian Church.

  • So, there are a variety of parking options.