The Apple Tree Project for this year had more students requesting assistance than there has been for several years. Below is an article from the Galena Gazette about this year's project and also information from the church bulletin and from the Blackhawk Presbytery website - PW Memos about this project.

Church bulletin, August 14, 2016 -


"Westminster has made the Blackhawk Presbytery newsletter!! there is an article about the Apple Tree Project, and in the PW Memos section there are a few lines about the CWS School and hygiene kits. You can read the articles on the website at"

FYI - The exact page is page 17 at The exact quote is: "Galena Westminster - We along with 2 other churches in the community are collecting school supplies for children - K08th grades in Galena - serving 70 or more. We also have pledged to complete 50 Church World Service School Kits and 10 Hygiene Kits. We continue to support a different mission each month, local, national or global. - Eileen Henrichs, PW Contact"

2015 Apple Tree Project

​ This is a short term program, but it is very intensive and requires the time and money and work of many persons from all three churches that participate.  This is a local program that takes care of many of the Galena school children who need some assistance in getting their school supplies.  Thank you in advance for your continued support.  This will be the 26th year that our church has helped this program work so well. Participating churches are: Westminster Presbyterian, St. Michael's Catholic and Lord of Love Lutheran. Information about each participating church is included with the school supplies. Thank you to the efforts of all who participated. Our thoughts and prayers are with the children who receive these school supplies.

  • June 25 - applications were picked up and there will be serving 39 students from Kindergarten through eighth grade. We were able to purchase 15 kits for the Primary School students. So, some of our shopping is already done but there may be items that need to be added to these kits.
  • Mid July – a letter will be sent to all parents reminding them of the pick up date for their child’s supplies
  • Sunday, July 5 - Apple trees are up at Westminster Presbyterian, Lord of Love and St. Michael's churches with apples ready for distribution to their congregations.
  • Sunday, August 9 –All materials must be returned to each church to be brought to Westminster on Monday, August 10.
  • Monday, August 10 –  Collection of materials and assembly of kits for each child. Volunteers will gather at Westminster to sort materials and prepare supplies for each of the students.
  • Thursday, August 13 – Students and their parents may pick up their materials between 9 AM and 5 PM.

2014 Apple Tree Project

Each year Westminster Presbyterian Church helps to provide some needy children with school supplies from the school supplies list. St. Michael's Catholic Church and Lord of Love Lutheran Church now joined in this project.  This article from the September 3, 2014 issue of the Galena Gazette gives information about the history of this project while the photo is of the volunteers who helped to assemble this years supplies.