Lent is a season of preparation and reflection. It is also a time of reaching out to all of God's children. Although both events are held on the same evening, we see the Lenten Community Dinner and our Lenten Study as two separate events.

Our dinner is open to all. Rather than being a time only for those who are participating in the study, it is a free community dinner. We invite anyone who is hungry, anyone who would like to share in a free community meal, anyone who would like to eat with other people, AND anyone participating in our Lenten study to come to a community dinner of soup, bread, relishes, desserts, coffee, and lemonade every Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm until 6:45 pm beginning on Tuesday, February 16th at Galena Methodist Church and continuing on Tuesdays through the 2016 Lenten Season.

The study series is sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian, Galena United Methodist, Lord of Love Lutheran, Grace Episcopal, and First Presbyterian churches and each church will be "hosting" one evening. We have opted to keep the venue constant so that it is easier to remember where we are going to be each week and so we can reach the community at large. Galena United Methodist has a nice large kitchen with a dishwasher and a large screen for viewing any video content that may be used as part of the study, so we opted to meet there again this year.

After dinner, you are welcome to leave. You are not obligated or expected to stay for the study unless you would like to be part of it. We are offering a study too for those who are interested. This year's study will focus on racial reconciliation. We are still meeting and deciding how to approach this important topic, and more information about the specific book we will be discuss will be coming soon. I hope you will consider joing us for one of both of the Lenten activities.

The book that will be used for this study has been selected. Our Lenten Study will focus on Jim Wallis' (Sojourners) new book:  America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America
The cost, on Amazon, for the hardcover book is 15.27  and 12.99 for the Kindle/e-reader edition. We will be reading selected chapters of the book for the study, so it will not be as if you have to finish the entire book before the study begins on February 16th.   When more information about the chapters is available, it will be posted here.

We hope you will consider joining us for one or both of these Lenten activities.




With an early Lent and Easter this year, we are invited to begin giving prayerful consideration to the 2016 One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Since 1949 Presbyterians have shared God's love with our neighbors in need around the world through One Great Hour of Sharing. Last year, our Easter gift was distributed as follows:

​     32% Presbyterian Diseaster Assistance, providing relief to those affected by natural disasters

     36% Presbyterian Hunger Program, providing food to the hungry

     32% to the Self-Development of People, helping to empower the poor and oppressed.

For 2016, we are collecting the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering on Passion/Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016 and on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016. Please help us exceed our prior Year's goal of $600.00.


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. It is early this year! We gather together to embark on our Lenten journeys, to repent and seek God's forgiveness and to receive the ashes created from the burning of last years' palms from Palm Sunday. As we prepare to observe lent the Worship Committee invites you to join us for our annual Ash Wendesday service on Wednesday February 10, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Galena United Methodist Church. Please note, this year, we will meet at the Methodist Church. For the past 9 years, Westminster has hosted this service. Lord of Love has joined us every year since they have existed, but we have always held the service in our sanctuary. For the past 3  years, Galena United Methodist has joined us, and they wanted to take a turn hosting this special service. This is a shared service between Westminster Presbyterian, Lord of Love Lutheran, and Galena United Methodist and will include special music by the GUMC choir. COme, and gather together for prayer, singing and the imposition of ashes as we start our Lenten journey together again this year.



Each Lent, we collect money for the One Great Hour of SHaring offering. Many of you use the fish banks. I ask you to count the following things each week:

  1. First Sunday in Lent, February 14During Lent, we journey with Jesus and with Jesus's disciples. Count the number of pairs of shoes in your closet and put in a coin for each pair of shoes. If you have shoes that are too small, but are still in good shape think about donating them to someone else who might need them.
  2. Second Sunday in Lent, February 21During Lent, we remember that God promised Abraham many descendants. Count the number of people in your extended family, and put a coin in your bank  for each relative. It there is someone in your family who lives far away, write them a letter, draw them a picture, or call them on the telephone to tell them that you are thinking of them.
  3.  Third Sunday in Lent, February 28: During Lent, we remember that God named us and claimed us in the waters of baptism. Count the different times you turn on the water( to wash your hands, to take a bath, to wash dishes, to get a drink), and put one coin in for each time. Consider volunteering some time to working on making sure others have clean water to drink. This can be looking into an organization like Living Water for the World, or volunteering in cleaning up trash around the river.
  4. Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 6: During Lent, we remember that Jesus gathered and taught with his friends and the disciples. This week, put in a coin for every friend that you talk to (in person, on Facebook, in em-mail, on the telephone, or in a text message). Consider spending some time talking with someone who might need a friend. This could be someone who seems lonely at school, visiting with a neighbor who cannot get out much, or visiting at a hospital or nursing home.
  5. Fifth Sunday in Lent, March 13: During Lent, we remember that God is the creator of all of the world. Count each DIFFERENT kind of stuffed animal that you have, and put a coin in the fish banks for each animal. (For example, if you have 8 stuffed bears, that is only 1 coin for bears, But if you have a stuffed penguin, a stuffed rabbit and 7 stuffed cats, that's 1 coin for penguins, 1 coin for rabbits, and 1 coin for cats). Consider volunteering sometime this week helping with animals. This could be helping to socialize animals at a local shelter, or offering to walk a dog or feed a cat for a neighbor in need.
  6. Sixth Sunday in Lent, March 20: During this week, remember the way that Jesus was celebrated on Palm Sunday when he came into town. This week, put in one coin for every birthday you have celebrated. (For example, if you will be 80 this year, put in 80 coins. If you will be 5 this year, put in 5 coins). Consider making a gift for someone who has a special celebration (birthday, anniversary, etc), this year.